Mission Project Kits

Compassion-building programs with life-changing impact.

Creating customizable educational and service-based programs

Mission Project Kits are a great way for kids to learn about compassion and generosity toward children who face the challenges of extreme poverty. Kids  have the opportunity not to just learn about kids in need but to engage in projects that make a real difference.  Check out our four short and long-term educational programs below. 

Lunchbox Love

Lunchbox Love
Challenge children to earn or collect $5+ to help buy nutritious lunches so students at the Good Samaritan School can grow up strong & healthy.
$ 1 per kit
  • One-week Program
  • Children's groups and Families
  • Free Leader Guide


Build a long-term relationship with a child in India and help with needs like tuition, uniforms, medical care, and food.
$ 40 monthly
  • Long-term
  • Individuals, families, children's groups
  • Kid to Kid Sponsorship Program

Exploring India

Exploring India
Build global connections by teaching children in the U.S. about the beautiful culture of India and the needs of children who live in the slums.
$ 54 leader guide
  • Four-week Program
  • Faith-based Groups
  • Leader Curriculum Kit

Medical Care

Medical Care
Challenge children to earn or collect $5+ so students at the Good Samaritan School can receive quality medical care.
$ 1 per kit
  • One-week Program
  • Children's groups and families
  • Free Leader Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Kits include an easy to assemble handled box for children to decorate as a lunchbox or medical kit, depending on which project you choose. Each box is filled with a Sadie Shares mini book, parent postcard with instructions, and a Cheerful Giver Pouch. Students take their decorated boxes home and share the project with their family. This gives parents an opportunity to engage their children in conversations about helping those in need.

Medical care and Lunchbox Love programs include FREE instructions and access to our video. You will need to purchase 1 kit per child at$1/each. Exploring India, our 4 week curriculum, is $54. In addition, each child needs one Lunchbox Love project kit which are $1/per child.  

We have set the goal at $5 or more for each student. While this is affordable for most families, remember $5 is just a goal. Since students turn in funds in the collection pouch, this eliminates any pressure to collect the full amount and allows those who want to give more to do so.

Schools, churches, sports teams, scout troops, children’s clubs and groups are all great fits for our Lunchbox Love and Medical Care programs. Exploring India, our 4-week curriculum, is geared toward religious organizations but we can help any group customize the curriculum to meet your needs. 

Yes, the program was designed to use by either group. Religious organizations may choose to refer to the project as a mission project while a secular organization would refer to the project as a service project. We’re happy to work with you to customize the Sadie Shares program to best fit the needs of your community.

Sadie Shares works well with scout troops, sports teams, schools, children’s clubs and any children’s groups who want to take part in a service project and learn about needs of children around the world. Individual families can also participate in Sadie Shares.

We would love to help you choose one of our programs. Our team is available by email, zoom or phone calls to help you determine the best fit for the kids you serve. Contact us at hello@sadieshares.com or 877.453.6847.

Absolutely. We are a small team who wants to partner with you. We are available for zoom calls, email, or phone calls to work with you one on one.  Contact us at hello@sadieshares.com or call us at 877.453.6867.

Krista Clements, our executive director, was born in India and knows the culture well. She has visited the school numerous times and has frequent contact with Mummy-ji, the school’s founder and the sponsorship team in India. She is well equipped to answer questions about the school and about India.

Leslie Littrell, our program coordinator, first learned about the school in 2002 when her son’s class began to pray and raise funds so that a “real school” could be built to replace the “toilet school’ located in a crowded slum. Her family has sponsored numerous students and she has helped her own children connect with their sponsored friends in India. Leslie has visited the school 4 times and is always eager to return!

Our videos are created by Kaitlyn Kirk who visited the school to get to know our students and teachers and obtain video footage for our program. She and her husband sponsor 2 students.

At Sadie Shares we know our students and we want you to know them too.

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