Exploring India

Four-Week Service Program

Exploring India is a four-week program that teaches children in America about the beautiful culture of India, the needs of children who live in the slums, and how students attending the Good Samaritan School are breaking the cycle of generational poverty through education.

A Month of India

  • Week 1: Compassion

    Children take home decorated lunchboxes and share content with their family. During the 4 week program, children are challenged to collect $5 or more in their Cheerful Giver Pouch to turn in on week four.

  • Week 2: Honor

    Children learn to honor other cultures different than their own. They learn about the traditional Indian clothing through our video and taste samples of common foods in India.

  • Week 3: Perseverance

    Children learn how students at the Good Samaritan School must persevere and overcome many challenges in order to complete their education and move on to a better life.

  • Week 4: Generosity

    Children have the opportunity to show generosity by returning their Cheerful Giver Pouches knowing their donations make a difference in the lives of children who live in the slums of New Delhi.

Exploring India Curriculum

Our program has everything to engage your students for a 60-90 minute time frame, including:  

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What Comes in Your Project Kit?

Included in the Exploring India curriculum, each student will participate in our one-week Lunchbox Love Project, which includes: 


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Still have questions? Contact us! We are a small team that is happy to adjust our programs to fit the needs of your group. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Exploring India can be added to any VBS curriculum! We provide you with FREE instructions to introduce the project. You purchase one kit per child at $1/each.Most churches collect a daily offering during VBS and find that our Lunchbox Love and Medical Care kits are a great way to make the offering collected more real and personal. 

However, if you would like to customize the materials from our 4-week Exploring India curriculum, we would be happy to meet with you via zoom and help you use our materials for your VBS week. The curriculum includes 4 weeks of material and takes 1-1.5 hours to complete each lesson. Each week includes a Bible story, study of a character trait, video, game, craft, and journaling sheet. Students participate in Lunchbox Love and collect money to buy healthy lunches for students at the Good Samaritan School. The 4 week curriculum is $54 and each participant will need one Lunchbox Love Kit which are $1/each.

We have set the goal at $5 or more for each student. While this is affordable for most families, remember $5 is just a goal. Since students turn in funds in the collection pouch, this eliminates any pressure to collect the full amount and allows those who want to give more to do so.

Lunchbox Love is introduced the first week with the video Sadie Shares Lunchbox Love. Their craft that week involves decorating and putting together a lunchbox to take home. Inside the lunchbox is a mini book, parent postcard with instructions and a Cheerful Giver Pouch for coin and dollar collection. The final week, students bring in their Cheerful Giver Pouches with the money they collected to help buy healthy lunches for our students. Students are given a small thank you sack with a 3- color ink pen and information regarding sponsorship and membership in Sadie and Sunny’s Club. Once the collection is turned in to Sadie Shares, we will send a celebration video to share with students and families with the total amount collected!

Yes. You will receive one sample lunchbox when you purchase the curriculum. Additional lunchboxes are only $1/each.

100% of the money children collect goes directly to the Good Samaritan School in India.

The curriculum is $54 and includes all the resources you need to complete our 4-week program. You receive one paper copy of the curriculum, a digital copy upon request, our children’s book, Sadie and the School that LOVE Built, and a sample of our Lunchbox Love kit. In addition to the curriculum, you will need to purchase one Lunchbox Love Kit per participant. Kits are $1 each