Lunchbox Love at Home is an easy to use Kid’s mission project that engages children in the U.S. with children who live in extreme poverty in India and are affected by COVID-19.

When India shut down, an immediate need for food became a frightening reality for families whose children attend the Good Samaritan School (GSS). This school serves over 2,500 children who live in the slums of New Delhi. With the threat of starvation, the GSS immediately organized a food distribution program providing families with flour, lentils, rice, soap, and face masks.

Lunchbox Love at Home is easy to plug into any kid’s program. 10-minute mission moments include a daily teaching video about India, zoom games, downloadable activity sheets, and a children’s interactive storybook about the GSS.

As children in the U.S. connect with children in India, they feel empowered to make a difference for kids across the globe! $5 provides food for a family of 5 for an entire day. Children and their families are encouraged to work together with a goal of donating $5 or more to help kids in India stay strong and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.