Lunchbox Love is an easy-to-use project that engages children in compassionate service to improve the lives of children in need. Children in the U.S. are challenged to earn or collect $5+ to help buy nutritious lunches so students at the Good Samaritan School can grow up strong and healthy.

Lunchbox Love teaches about the daily struggles of children in India to overcome poverty, receive an education, and achieve their goal to rise above their circumstances.


The India Experience connects children who live in U.S. with children who live in the U.S. with children who live in India leading to long-term change for both. Students attending the Good Samaritan School are breaking the cycle of generational poverty through education.

As children in America learn about the beautiful culture of India and the needs of children who live in the slums, they develop compassionate hearts for those in need and have the opportunity to develop authentic relationships through prayer, generosity, and sponsorship.