In 2012, Amanda Evans Lang traveled to India to experience the redemptive story playing out in the lives of the children being served by the Good Samaritan School. The hope she experienced in the slums of New Delhi changed the course of her life and the book Sadie in the Land of Dancing Colors was her offering back in gratitude. Passionate about ending extreme poverty through education, Amanda continues to champion Ananthi’s vision.  She currently serves the Good Samaritan School as the creator and writer for Sadie Shares including writing books and curriculum, creating apps and games, and creating new ways to engage children and their family in compassionate service.
Sadie in the Land of Dancing Colors is a beautifully illustrated picture book that takes us to the Good Samaritan School in India. Sadie longs to make a difference at this school for underprivileged children, but has a difficult time finding her place. This story is for every person, big and small, that wants to love and serve others but is not sure there is a special place just for them. Sadie encourages us to each find the thing we were each made for and to use that gift to love others boldly.
Sadie and the School that LOVE built is based on the school’s 30-year history of offering children living in extreme poverty the opportunity to pursue a first-class education, this story inspires us all to stop and LOVE one person at a time. You never know what might happen! LOVE might even build a school.