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Read more about Sadie Shares, a children’s non-profit organization that donates 100% of its' proceeds to the Good Samaritan School.

Internationally Focused, Locally Active.

Sadie Shares was founded in 2017 in Lexington, KY by parents who sought to raise their children to become adults who make the world a better place.  An initiative of Friends of the Good Samaritans, we partner with children, families, and other kid’s groups to help teach the value of service and use education to help children break generational cycles of poverty.  


To bridge the lives of children who live in the U.S. and children who live in India through sponsorship and hands-on service projects.


Changing Lives by

To accomplish our goal, we created educational programs to benefit children on both sides of the globe.  Here’s how our programs connect hearts, honor culture, and build global community.

Honoring Culture

Through Sadie Shares, kids in the U.S. and kids in India are able to learn about a culture different from their own. This experience teaches children to respect and celebrate differences in all people and become more compassionate and accepting of others.

Connecting Hearts

Hearts are connected across the globe through our hands on mission/service projects and our kid-friendly sponsorship program. Children in the U.S. have the opportunity to learn more about and build friendships with students at the Good Samaritan School.

Building Global Community

Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh's story of founding the Good Samaritan School inspires children all over the globe to be change makers. Kids in the U.S. develop compassionate and generous hearts for those in need. Students at the GSS acknowledge the generosity they have received and use it to give back to their community.


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Meet The Team

As a small organization, we can work with you personally  to customize our programs to fit the needs of your children’s group. We love getting to know you and the children you serve. 

Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh


In 1989, she was a Christian homemaker and college professor with a Doctorate in Linguistics in northern India. Like all Indians she saw poverty in the streets everyday of her life. One fateful day, God decided to use her to change hearts of children in a slum of 25,000 people across from her apartment. After teaching more than 100 children from her home, Ananthi received permission to establish a school within the “toilet complex” of the Alakananda slum in 1991. By 1998, she was teaching more than 600 children of all ages within the slum community with the assistance of 18 volunteer teachers. With the help of U.S. partners, a new, modern debt-free school was opened in 2005 and named The Good Samaritan School. Ananthi  continues to serve the children and families in the slums who affectionately call her “Mummy-ji” which in Hindi means “ “honored mother.”


Amanda Evans Lang


In 2012, Amanda Evans Lang traveled to India to experience the redemptive story playing out in the lives of the children being served by the Good Samaritan School. The hope she experienced in the slums of New Delhi changed the course of her life and the book Sadie and the Land of Dancing Colors was her offering back in gratitude. To honor the life and story of Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh, Amanda wrote a second Sadie book, Sadie and the School that LOVE Built. Passionate about ending extreme poverty through education, Amanda continues to champion Ananthi’s vision. 

Krista Rigsby


Krista graduated from Asbury University in Wilmore, KY in 2017 with a passion for combining her degrees in business and intercultural studies. Krista had the opportunity to visit the Good Samaritan School and fell in love with the vision of the organization and their intentionality in raising a generation of confident and educated young men and women from India. Krista has been with Friends of the Good Samaritans for over 4 years now and is dedicated to bringing Sadie Shares to life as it impacts families both in the U.S. and and India. Krista grew up in India and loves the fact that she gets to work with an organization that helps people so close to home. 


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Leslie Littrell


Leslie has been involved with the Good Samaritan School for over 16 years. Serving with women in her church in a fundraising event called Lil’ Lambs Closet, the women made the first contribution to the building fund of the Good Samaritan School. As a representative of Lil’ Lambs, Leslie traveled to India for the Grand Opening Celebration in 2005. Seeing the poverty of the children in the slums and the amazing opportunity of the GSS, she returned home passionate about the work of the school and began personally sponsoring children. In 2016, Leslie became a volunteer for Friends of the Good Samaritans focusing on child sponsorship. Currently, she is involved in the development and implementation of all three Sadie Shares programs.


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